The Phantom Ruler of the Jungle Board Game

The Phantom Ruler of the Jungle Board Game was released by Transogram in USA in 1966. The game is designed for 2 to 4 players. The aim of the game is for each player to reach a trouble zone and leave a skull mark, indicating that the zone is under the protection of the Phantom.

Transogram was founded by Charles Raizen in 1915 Manhattan, NY, USA. For over a decade the company produced remarkable toys, play sets and activity sets. Transogram produced its first game in 1929, titled ‘Orje-The Mystic Prophet’. In 1955, Transogram introduced its first TV-series licensed board game, Dragnet. For more than 10 years it produced a plethora of popular board games. In 1966, Transogram had its biggest year earnings, boasting almost 19 million dollars, (approximately 152 million dollars in today’s US dollars).

Not surprising considering The Phantom Ruler of the Jungle Board Game was produced in 1966, along with an abundance of very well designed games, all with stunning artwork and enjoyable plots.

In 1968 Transogram started its first television advertising campaign, a 1 million dollar budget, centered on Green Ghost and Hocus Pocus, its two glow-in-the-dark games. In 1969 Transogram went public, offering 196,000 shares, which sold for $10 US each. Charles Raizen remained in control of the company with 61.4 percent ownership. Sadly, only two years later, Transogram declared bankruptcy.

The Phantom Ruler of the Jungle Board Game also contained one small plastic Phantom Skull Ring. It was simply a skull head and came in a variety of colors, either yellow, red, blue, white, pink or green. The purpose of the ring was to allow the players to leave the Phantom’s death mark in a small piece of clay, during the game.

Below we see a Transogram catalogue, released in November 1966, with The Phantom Ruler of the Jungle Board Game featured within, containing the product number ‘3837’.

The Phantom Ruler of the Jungle Board Game was first advertised in Flash Gordon comic book number 2, published by King Comics in USA in November 1966.

Some differences exist between the advertisement and the final board game released by Transogram. Not only is the artwork different, but the title was also changed, going from ‘Jungle Patrol Game’ to ‘Ruler of the Jungle Game’.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.