The Phantom Rub-Ons Magic Picture Transfers

The Phantom Rub-Ons Magic Picture Transfers set was produced by Hassenfeld Bros, Inc in USA in 1964. The Phantom set was numbered 2763 by Hassenfeld Bros, Inc and is fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

Hassenfeld Bros, Inc produced a large variety of Rub-Ons sets in the 1960’s and 1970’s featuring a variety of characters and themes, including Superman, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Bonanza, Casper, Mary Poppins, Green Hornet, G.I. Joe, Daniel Boone, Mother Goose, Flipper, Tarzan, Cowboys & Indians, The Minsters, Popeye, Zorro, The Flintstones, Disneyland, Fashion and Krazy Kooks.

Hassenfeld Bros, Inc describe Rub-Ons Magic Picture Transfers as:

Rub-Ons is a special process whereby different colored transfers are transferred to an out-line sheet to make a complete colored picture. The outline sheet has printed on it the sketch of a complete scene. It’s corresponding transfer sheet has different parts of the scene in different colors. The transfer sheet is placed bright side down on the outline sheet. Choose a section of the outline sheet to be filled in and place the corresponding section from the transfer sheet directly over it bright side down. Rub the back of the transfer sheet with the stylus and slowly and carefully lift off the transfer sheet. If part does not transfer, rub the back of the transfer sheet again.

Hassenfeld Brothers was founded by three brothers, Herman, Hillel, and Henry Hassenfeld in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 1923. The company initially sold textile remnants then expanded to produce pencil cases and school supplies.

The company commenced producing plastic toys during World War II. Hassenfeld Brothers first popular toy was Mr. Potato Head, which the company purchased from George Lerner in 1952. In 1954, the company became a major licensee for Disney.

In 1964, Hassenfeld Brothers produced the G.I. Joe toy ranged which they penned as an ‘action figure’ in order to market it to boys. In 1964 and 1965, G.I. Joe accounted for two-thirds of the companies sales.

From 1968, the company was renamed from Hassenfeld Brothers to Hasbro Industries, then in 1984 it was renamed to Hasbro Bradley, then Hasbro, Inc from 1985.

Hasbro, Inc continues to be a major player in the toy and entertainment industry, producing toys, puzzles, board games, wargames, RPG, sports equipment and electronic games. Well known brands which they produce include G.I. Joe, Monopoly, Nerf, Playskool, My Little Pony, Transformers, Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, Power Rangers, Jem and The Holograms, Littlest Pet Shop and Tonka, just to name a few.

Hasbro, Inc is still in operation to this day, employing 5,600 as at 2021 with a reported revenue of $5.86USD billion in 2022.

The Phantom Rub-Ons Magic Picture Transfers set was sold in a cardboard box with sticky tape holding the lift off lid closed, measuring 31.5cm x 24.5cm. The Phantom is seen sitting on the Skull Throne with Devil by his side. Also found on the lid is a pictorial description of what Rub-Ons are, ‘The Most Exciting Craft For Children Since Coloring’.

Found within the box once the lid is lifted off are 3 bank picture panels, 3 transfer sheets, a wooden stylus and an instruction sheet all housed in a custom made tray. The 3 blank picture panels are numbers 2763-A (containing a green background), 2763-B (containing a orange background) and 2763-C (containing a blue background), with the same corresponding numbers found on the 3 transfer sheets.

Images of the 3 completed picture panels can be seen below, all depicting action scenes featuring the Phantom.