The Phantom Movie Premium Collection Blu-ray

The Phantom Movie Premium Collection Blu-ray was released by His Master’s Voice (or commonly abbreviated to ‘HMV’) in the UK on the 23rd of November, 2020. This special collector edition of the Phantom movie was exclusively created and sold by HMV in it’s retails stores.

His Master’s Voice (HMV) retail outlets was founded in 1921, with the first store opened by the Gramophone Company in London, UK. The retail side of the business began to expand in the 1960s. The successor to the Gramophone Company was EMI and in 1998, HMV was broken off to form the HMV Group. It’s retail business sold music, movies, merchandise, technology, video games and books.

The HMV Group grew and branched out to open stores in countries such as Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

In 2013, financial troubles commenced for the group, ceasing operating under the HMV Group name in Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore after either closing down it’s operations or being sold off to other companies through administrators.

In 2019, Sunrise Records and Entertainment Limited purchased the HMV Group, operating in Europe and North America, which includes retail business subsidiaries as HMV and FOPP.

More recently, HMV has given extra focus to the rising trend of pop culture merchandise and launched a highly successful ‘Sweet Treats’ range of Japanese and American sweets and drinks in 2020.

The Phantom Movie Premium Collection Blu-ray which comes in a HMV specially designed slipcase includes:

  • The Phantom Movie on Blu-ray Disc
  • 4 Movie Art Cards
  • The Phantom Movie Cinema/Theatrical Poster

The Poster found in the pack is a smaller reproduction of the one initially released by Paramount Pictures in 1996 when the Phantom movie was initially released. The 4 Movie Cards are images of scenes found in the Phantom movie, similar to postcards in size. The Phantom movie case, the Poster and the Movie Cards are all housed within the slipcase.