The Phantom Master Cel

The Phantom Master Cel was produced by Intrepid T/C International in Australia in 1996. Fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, the Master Cel is printed on clear see through acetate with a reflective foil finish, measuring 14cm x 18cm.

The Phantom Master Cel is 2-sided, with an image of actor Billy Zane sitting on the Skull Throne on one side, and an illustration of the Phantom by Glenn Ford also sitting on the Skull Throne on the reverse side.

The Phantom Master Cel was released in a custom designed cardboard box, allowing for each Phantom image on the Master Cel to been seen.

Contained within the box, we not only find the Phantom Master Cel, but also a display case made of thick acrylic perspex with a screw on each corner. Acrylic perspex feet are also provided so that the Master Cel can be put on display, presented upright.

Individually hand numbered and limited to 700 worldwide, the Phantom Master Cel is also hand signed by illustrator Glenn Ford and Florence O’Connell from Intrepid T/C International.

A Certificate of Authenticity is also provided by Intrepid T/C International, containing the Phantom Master Cel number and hand signed by the Authenticity Officer at Intrepid T/C International, Florence O’Connell.