The Phantom Goes To War Poster

The Phantom Goes To War poster was produced by Frew Publications in Australia in 1993. The poster is limited to 500 edition worldwide, signed by artist Glenn Ford and Frew Publications publisher Jim Shepherd, and is printed in full color on heavy stock paper. Each poster is also individually numbered by hand.

Frew Publications was founded in 1948 by Ron Forsyth, Jim Richardson, Jack Eisen & Peter Watson (the Frew name was derived by the last initials of each founder name). Frew Publications boasts the longest running English language Phantom comic book series in the world. Its 1st issue was published on the 9th of September, 1948 and contained the US newspaper reprint, The Slave Traders, by Lee Falk and Ray Moore. Frew Publications of Australia is still alive and well today.

Australian artist Glenn Ford at his very best produced the cover art for Frew Publications Phantom comic book issue number 1041, in 1993.

6 comic books later, on the inside back cover of Frew Publications number 1047, we see the first advertisement for the 30” x 20” limited edition The Phantom Goes To War poster.