The Phantom Candle

The Phantom candle was produced by Skansen Giftware in Australia in 1995. Made of solid wax, the Phantom candle measures 16cm tall and 13cm wide. It was offered in retail outlets in clear see-through plastic packaging, cylinder in shape with a lift-off lid at the top

The Phantom candle is a 3D image of the Phantom with crossed arms and a string candle wick at the top of the head. It’s made of solid clear wax within and hand pained in wax on the exterior.

At the base of the Phantom candle, we find a sticker detailing the year of manufacture and the Phantoms license holder, King Features Sydicate.

The clear see-through plastic packaging contains text on 3 sides and also on the lift-off lid.

The Phantom candle also contained a novelty gift within. When the candle is melted, a Phantom skull ring made of metal is found within. An example of the ring can be seen below.