The Ghost Who Walks Print

The Ghost Who Walks Print was produced by The Bradford Exchange in Australia in 2012. Fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, the print was released with a worldwide limit of only 299. The Ghost Who Walks Print was exclusively marketed and sold in Australia.

The Bradford Exchange was established by J. Roderick MacArthur in 1973, a Chicago, USA based businessman and philanthropist. Initially focusing on providing limited-edition collector plates in the 1970’s, The Bradford Exchange quickly expanded it’s offering and not only provide limited-edition collectables, but a vast array of merchandise including dolls, figurines, home décor, fine Jewellery and even apparel. Today, The Bradford Exchange operates in 15 countries across Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

The Ghost Who Walks Print measures 73cm x 60cm x 3cm, with 2 unique pieces of art featured.

At the center of the The Ghost Who Walks Print, we see a plague reading ‘The Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks’, with sculpted discs of the Good and Bad marks of the Phantom on each side colored in gold. The print is presented behind glass in a hand crafted gold leaf frame.

The illustrations found on The Ghost Who Walks Print are professionally presented and unique to the item. The first is a blend of Moonstone comic covers by Doug Klauba (seen below on the left) and the second image is titled ‘Phantom Country’ illustrated by Glenn Ford (seen below on the right), who has also hand signed each image.

Each of The Ghost Who Walks Print also came with a Certificate of Authenticity attached to the back of the frame. A hand-written number is found on the certificate. Also found attached to the Certificate of Authenticity is a section of the printing plate used to produce the print, The Bradford Exchange’s way of notifying collectors that the prints won’t be replicated once sold out.