The Ghost Who Walks Clock

The Ghost Who Walks Clock was produced by The Bradford Exchange in Australia in 2013. Fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, the Clock was released with a worldwide limit of only 1936. The Ghost Who Walks Clock was exclusively marketed and sold in Australia and New Zealand.

The Bradford Exchange was established by J. Roderick MacArthur in 1973, a Chicago, USA based businessman and philanthropist. Initially focusing on providing limited-edition collector plates in the 1970’s, The Bradford Exchange quickly expanded it’s offering and not only provide limited-edition collectables, but a vast array of merchandise including dolls, figurines, home décor, fine Jewellery and even apparel. Today, The Bradford Exchange operates in 15 countries across Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

The Ghost Who Walks Clock is in the shape of the Phantoms home, the Skull Cave, in a Jungle setting. Each clock is hand-painted with the clock face containing the Phantoms Good ring mark, found on the forehead of the skull. We find Guran and a tribesman guarding the entrance of the Skull Cave, with even the Skull Throne visible from the entrance.

On the hour, a flickering LED light is seen coming from within the Skull Cave. Every 12 hours, the Phantom riding on Hero with trusty Devil at his side run out of the mouth of the Skull Cave (similar to a Cuckoo clock), with one of three messages broadcast loudly:

  • Through the centuries, the nemesis of evil doers everywhere… he works alone… the Phantom!
  • The Ghost Who Walks will never die!
  • May you live 400 years!