Subway Sandwiches Table Tent Card

The Phantom Subway Sandwiches Table Tent Card was produced by Subway in USA in 1996.

Subway was originally known as ‘Pete’s Super Submarines’ founded in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA by Fred De Luca and Peter Buck in 1965-1968. In 1968 the name was changed to Subway. In 1974 the business became a global franchise operation. Subway (also known as Doctor’s Associates Inc.) is an American fast food restaurant selling submarine sandwiches (commonly abbreviated to ‘subs’), with fresh ingredient customer choice toppings, salads and drinks. Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. By the end of 2019 there was 41,512 worldwide locations.

In 1996, Subway promoted the 1996 Phantom Movie with a 9.5” x 5” cardboard table tent card advertising.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.