Skansen Toby Mug’s

The Phantom Toby Mug’s are produced by Skansen Giftware in Australia in 1996. Made of ceramic and hand painted in Indonesia, the 2 Toby Mug’s are licensed by King Features Syndicate.

Skansen Giftware was established in Australia in 1974 by Stul Manny, which later became one of the largest and most innovative giftware companies in Australia, listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1993.

In 2000, Stul Manny sold Skansen Giftware and purchased Melbourne based Moose Enterprise, a designer and manufacturer of toy products, specifically Mighty Beanz toys and its Shopkins dolls which are the number one selling doll in Australia, America and Britain, outselling Barbie and Bratz. The business is the fourth largest toy manufacturer in Australia and eighth largest in the US.

The 3-dimensional Toby Mug’s measure 11.5cm tall and 10cm in diameter. Each mug also contains a small red and yellow disc at the top of the handle, with the Phantom Toby Mug containing the Skull Mark and the Skull Toby Mug containing the Good Mark, also made of ceramic.

Phantom Toby Mug

Skull Toby Mug

A cardboard tag was attached via a yellow string to the Toby Mug handle.