Semic Key Ring

We first see the Fantomen key ring advertised on the cover of Fantomen number 14, published in 1966 in Sweden. The mail-away offer was seen nine issues later, on the back cover of Fantomen number 3, published in 1967.

The key ring can be seen below.

Advertisement Translation

Now with us too


A special offer for Phantom readers!


You have probably already seen all sorts of key rings on the market, which are intended for advertising purposes or as souvenirs. Now you have the opportunity to receive a modern PHANTOM SCHLOS SELANHANGER yourself, specially made for the readers of PHANTOM.

The price is only DM 3.50 and all you have to do is fill in the coupon at the end of the page and send it to the below address. You will then receive your key fob/keychain from there, by post against the advance sending of the amount of DM 3.50 to the Hamburg postal check account No. 240876 or against postage stamps of the same value. Send in The Coupon today so that The Coupon doesn’t arrive when the key fobs are already sold out.

Bildschriftenverlag GMBH,

51 Aachen,

Brabantstrasse 8

I order:



Mailing address:

A year later we see this same key ring offered on the inside back cover of the Phantom comic book series released in Germany in issue number 15, 1968 and issue number 20, 1968. Note the wording on the German version of the key ring reads ‘Phantom’ and not ‘Fantomen’ as seen on the Swedish advertisement above.

The key ring can be seen below.

The Phantom comic books series was published by Semic Press in Germany, printed by Ahlen & Akerlunds Tryckerier Sthlm/Stockholm and distributed by Bildschriften Verlag. This series ran for 26 issues, commencing in 1966 through to 1969.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.