The Phantom Refence Lists

The Phantom Reference Lists was published by D.H. Lewis in Australia in 1991. It contains 88 black and white pages, with color only seen on the front cover.

The reference book indexes Frew Publications Phantom comic book series, from edition number 1 (published in 1948), through to edition number 955 (published in 1990). The cover of the reference book notes ‘Volume 1’, however a second reference book was never published.

The introduction page includes how to use the reference list system, i.e. the A-Z of story titles, what story appears in each issue and where each story appears.

The Phantom Reference Lists was not sold commercially, but sold as an exclusive publication to club members of ‘The Phantom Club’ of Australia.

‘The Independent Phantom Club’, formerly known as ‘The Phantom Club’ of Australia was founded by John Henderson in 1981 Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia and ended in 1995. During this 14+ year period the club was very active with its promotion of the Phantom on T.V and Radio, and in newspapers and magazines. The Phantom Club published a total of 41 newsletters titled ‘Jungle Beat’. Issue number 1 thru to number 21 was under the name ‘The Phantom Club’, whilst issue number 22 thru to number 41 was under the name ‘Independent Phantom Club of Australia’.

When newsletters were mailed to club members, un-numbered/undated 4 to 8 page ‘Product Catalogs’ were also mailed to members, together with one and two sided ‘Product Flyers’ and ‘Order Forms’. A wide range of collectibles were exclusively offered to members of the club in this way.

The Phantom Reference Lists was advertised in 3 of the 8 Fan Club ‘Product Catalogs’, with 3 different style advertisements seen.

In 1991, we also see a 4 page promotional brochure being released by ‘The Phantom Club’ of Australia for The Phantom Reference Lists.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.