Recruta Zero Especial

Recruta Zero Especial (which translates to ‘Recruit Zero – Special’) is a comic book published by RGE (Rio Grafica Editora) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1970. The comic book series features Beetle Bailey comic strips.

Recruta Zero Especial comic book number 1 features 84 pages in full color, measuring 20cm x 27cm. Below we see the front cover.

As a special gift to readers, RGE included a set of 52 images, which when cut out of the comic book, form a set of cards. Characters featured in the card set weren’t limited to Beetle Baily characters, but also included characters such as Mandrake the Magician, Lothar, Davy Crockett, Denis the Menace, Richie Rich and more. Below we see the full set of 52 cards.

The Phantom was also featured in the series, with his alias, Mr. Walker also making an appearance. We see a card each for Diana and Rex, totaling to 4 cards found in the series featuring the Phantom, or characters from his comic strip.

Recruta Zero Especial even provided for a storage box for the card series, which could also be cut out of the book and assembled by the reader.

The cards from Recruta Zero Especial can be seen below, fully cut out of the comic, with the storage box assembled.