Pop Tarts Giveaway

The Pop Tarts Giveaway was a promotion by Kellogg Pty Ltd in Australia in 1995. The promotion saw a Phantom Cap or Phantom Boxer Shorts given away free of charge, upon the collection of the correct number of tokens found on Pop Tarts packaging.

The promotion was advertised in magazines, as can be seen below.

Only select Pop Tarts boxes contained the promotion. Below we see an example of a Pop Tarts box with images of the Phantom Cap and Phantom Boxer Shorts shown. We also see the token required to be collected and posted to Kellogg’s.

On the inside of the Pop Tarts box, further information is provided by Kellogg’s about the giveaway, including terms and conditions and the order form required to be completed and returned to an address in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia.

To receive a free cap (valued $24.95), 6 Phantom tokens are required, whilst 10 Phantom tokens are required for the Boxer Shorts (valued $29.95). Only 3000 Boxer Shorts are available for the promotion, once they are all given away, a cap is sent as an alternative.

The Phantom Cap and Phantom Boxer Shorts given away in the promotion as seen in the advertisement can be seen below.