Phantom’s Vault Mouse Pads

The Phantom Mouse Pads were produced by Phantom’s Vault Pty Ltd in Australia in 1998. Designed to be used for the easy use of a computers mouse, 2 uniquely designed mouse pads were released, fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

The Phantom Mouse Pads are made of a top layer of soft plastic, with a black foam padding on the underside. Measuring 23cm x 19.5cm x .5cm, the mouse pads came in a clear plastic packaging void of text or illustrations (as can be seen below on the right).

Images found on the Phantom Mouse Pads are by Glenn Ford (seen above on the left) and by Sy Barry (seen above on the right). Both mouse pads contain Phantom’s Vault Pty Ltd logo, plus the year of production and copyright information.

The Phantom Mouse Pads were marketed and could only be purchased direct from Phantom’s Vault Pty Ltd and not from retail outlets. They were advertised predominantly in Frew Publications comic books and online.