Phantom Zone Sticker & Poster Pack

The Phantom Zone Sticker & Poster Pack was produced by Glow Zone in Australia in 1994. The Sticker Pack contains two sheets of glow-in-the-dark stickers plus a poster, fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

The Phantom Zone Sticker & Poster Pack is made of cardboard measuring 16cm x 18cm with a retail punch-hole at the top. The pack is designed to be opened via a glued down flap on the back. On the front of the pack we see an image of the Phantom, with the wording ‘ZONE – Create Your Own Luminous Jungle Adventure With The Ghost Who Walks’.

On the rear of the Phantom Zone Sticker & Poster Pack, we see images of the glow-in-the-dark stickers found within, 8 in total. The sticker sheets containing the stickers are white gloss (including the stickers) with raised yellow print which are pre-cut around the image for easy removal, measuring 15.5cm x 17.5cm. The sticker sheets are attached to each other along one of the narrow edges. The sticker sheets can be seen below, before and after glowing in the dark.

The poster found in the Phantom Zone Sticker & Poster Pack is printed in a gloss purple finish measuring 29cm x 50cm, which comes folded in 4. The poster is titled ‘The Phantom – Deep Jungle Map’ and is illustrated by Sy Barry.