Phantom Movie Temporary Tattoos

The Phantom Movie Temporary Tattoos were produced by Paramount Pictures in USA in 1996. The Temporary Tattoos are fully licensed by King Features Syndicate and are themed around the Phantom movie released in 1996 featuring Billy Zane playing the part of the Phantom and Kristy Swanson as Diana Palmer.

The Phantom Movie Temporary Tattoos are made up of 9 different images and were used for marketing purposes by Paramount Pictures, to promote the Phantom Movie. They with given away as complimentary items in retail outlets such as Subway, 7-Eleven and Blockbuster around the time of the movies release.

Measuring 5cm x 5cm, each Temporary Tattoo is designed to be applied to skin as a novelty play item for children, lasting for approximately 5 to 7 days once applied. All 9 Phantom Movie Temporary Tattoos can be seen below.

The back of each Temporary Tattoo all contain the same information, including application instruction, removal directions, trademark information and the contents that the tattoos are made from. An example of the back of the Temporary Tattoos can be seen below.