Phantom Movie Backpack Bag

The Phantom Movie Backpack Bag was produced by Kidz Biz in Melbourne, Australia in 1996. The Backpack Bag is fully licensed by King Features Syndicate and distributed by Playcorp Pty Ltd. It’s themed around the Phantom movie released in 1996 featuring Billy Zane playing the part of the Phantom and Kristy Swanson as Diana Palmer.

The Phantom Movie Backpack Bag measures 40cm x 30cm and is manufactured in Chine from 100% Nylon material. The bag contains 3 compartments, the main compartment which is accessibly via a zip at the top, a smaller compartment at the front accessible via a zip above the Phantom image and a side compartment on the right hand side accessible via a velcro-close flap.

At the front of the Phantom Movie Backpack Bag, we see an image of Billy Zane, as found on the Phantom movie promotional posters, plus the wording ‘The Phantom’, which is also found on the side compartment flap, printed onto the Nylon material. Two adjustable shoulder straps and a carry straps are located at the rear of the Backpack Bag.

A retail cardboard tag is attached to the carry strap at the rear of the Backpack Bag containing imagery from the Phantom movie plus licensing information. We also see the Kidz Biz logo and a barcode to be used by the retail outlet.