Phantom Generation’s Collector Cards

The Phantom Generations Collector Cards are produced by Frew Publications in Australia. Released in March 2022, the set consists of 28 trading cards measuring 63mm x 89mm, fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

The Phantom Generations Collector Cards were made available for purchase direct from Frew Publications and not sold in retail stores. We first see the trading cards advertised on the outside back cover of Giantsize comic book number 20.

Illustrated by Phantom artist Jeff Weigel, the Phantom Generations Collector Cards show an image of all 21 Phantoms we find in comic strips in chorological order. Additional versions of the Phantom have also been included, the 22nd Phantom (a card each of the 21st Phantom’s children, Kit and Heloise), the 24th Phantom (as seen in the Phantom 2040 cartoon), the 27th Phantom (as seen in the Defenders of the Earth cartoon) and the future Phantom (depicted as a robot).

The reverse side of each trading card gives us some brief information on the Phantom featured on the front of the card. Information provided has been sourced from either Lee Falk stories or those published in Fantomen comics in Sweden.

The Phantom Generations Collector Cards are printed with an opaque-white backed Phantom, printed over a silver aluminum foil background, giving the trading card a reflective finish. An unnumbered title trading card is also found in the set, as seen below.

The full set of 28 Phantom Generations Collector Cards can be seen below.