Phantom Door Stop

The Phantom Door Stop was produced by Monkeys of Melbourne in Australia in 1993. Licensed by King Features Syndicate, the Door Stop is produced in Taiwan and is made of cast-iron, depicting a 3D bust image of the Phantom.

Monkeys of Melbourne was established in Australia by Wendy Cochran and Shane Kennedy in 1984. The company was initially based at Banks Street, South Melbourne, before later expanding due to the companies growth to Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick and Chapel Street, Prahran both located in Melbourne.

Monkeys of Melbourne specialized and produced a range of premoulded ceramics (such as plates, lamps, vases, toby mugs and bowls) which were hand-painted and fired in a modernist style. The quality and range of products are highly regarded amongst collectors.

Ceramic works were also hand-signed and year dated, usually as simply ‘Monkey’ on the earlier pieces, then ‘© Monkeys Handpainted Melbourne’ or ‘© Monkeys Handpainted Melb’ or ‘© Monkeys of Melbourne’ as time went by.

In the early 1990s, Monkeys of Melbourne commenced producing licensed merchandise, including Ren and Stimpy, Micky Mouse, Betty Boop, and the Phantom. Most of these items were mass produced in factories, with pre-produced designs printed on goods (such as mugs and glassware) and not hand-painted.

The company ceased operating in 1999.

The Phantom Door Stop is hand-painted in Australia, measuring 17.5cm in height, with a shoulder width of 17cm. The cast bust is hollow within, with a copyright sticker located on the reverse. We also see the word ‘Taiwan’ embossed into the Door Stop.

A sticker is located on the reverse side, within the lower part of the Door Stop, noting copy right information, ‘Monkeys of Melbourne’ and ‘King Features Syndicate Inc.’ and the year of production, 1993.