Pencil Holder

The ‘Pencil Holder’ was released by King Features Syndicate in 1958 and was manufactured by ‘Sculptural Promotions Inc.’ in New York, USA. The holder was a free giveaway around Christmas time to business partners and agents of King Features Syndicate.

The Pencil Holder measures 3.25″ x 4.25″ and is made of cardboard with embossed leatherette. The featured comic book characters are raised slightly and don’t sit flush with the background of the holder.

The main images found on the holder feature Popeye, Donald Duck, Henry, Beetle Bailey, Dagwood, Blondie and Scamp holding a large pencils. Along the top edge of the holder, we see comic book characters such as Steve Canyon, Archie, Jiggs, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, Little Iodine, Snuffy Smith and more.

A profile image of the Phantom is also found along the top edge.

We see a red fabric material trim along the top and bottom edges. The inside of the holder and base are finished in a leatherette design.

Due to such a mix of comic book characters, we see three copy right syndications present on the holder, which is one of only a few known example between these three companies:

  • King Features Syndicate, Inc,
  • W.D.P (which is the abbreviation for ‘Walt Disney Productions’),
  • F.E.I. (which is the abbreviation for ‘Field Enterprises, Inc’).

The Pencil Holder was issued by King Features Syndicate in a cardboard presentation box. The wording found on the lift-off lid reads ‘Christmas Greeting from King Features Syndicate’. An image of the Pencil Holder is also found on the lid, with the Phantom making an appearance.