Paper Doll Cut-Out

The Phantom Paper Doll Cut-Out was published in Politikin Zabavnik magazine in Yugoslavia in 1985.

Politikin Zabavnik is a popular Serbian comic/magazine, first published on the 28th of February, 1939. Each Politikin Zabavnik issue has always consisted of multiple comics, while the center pages contained various articles about science, nature, history, art and interesting events; all written to appeal to the broadest audiences.

Politikin Zabavnik issue number 1766, containing 48 pages and measuring 13” x 10”, published the Phantom story ‘The Adventures of Lucy Cary’, written by Lee Falk and drawn by Sy Barry. The Phantom comic strip encompassed 26 pages, with the remainder pages containing either other character comic strips or articles.

The Phantom Paper Doll Cut-Out can be found on page 33, following the end of the Phantom comic strip. Various pieces of clothing could be attached to the Phantom to transform his image.

We see the heading ‘Obucite Fantoma’ by Vladana Likar-Smiljanić at the top of the page, which translates to ‘Dress the Phantom’ by Vladana Likar- Smiljanić.

This Phantom Paper Doll Cut-Out was only one character featured, with over 20 different characters published in select 1980’s Politikin Zabavnik magazines. An example of other characters can be seen below.

The Paper Doll artist, Vladana Likar-Smiljanić was a Serbian engineer, educator, book illustrator and writer. Likar-Smiljanić illustrated dozens of children’s books that were sold in Spain, Italy, the United States, Germany and even the Soviet Union.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.