Panrico Stickers

The El Hombre Enmascarado stickers were issued by Panrico in Spain in 1984. The Phantom was featured amongst a variety of comic book characters, including Brick Bradford, Flash Gordon, Red Ryder and others.

Panrico is a food producing company (predominantly baked goods), established in Catalan in 1962 by Andreu Costafreda and the Rivera family. The name Panrico was established by using the following abbreviation – Pan ificio Ri vera Co stafreda SL.

Among its main products produced are Donuts, Donettes and Bollycao. They also make a wide range of mold bread and the Grisines pallets. In Spain, the brands Dònut, Donuts and Doughnuts are all register trademarks belonging to Panrico.

In 2015, Panrico was sold to the Mexican based The Bimbo group. The Bimbo group is the largest baking company in the world, with 163 factories and a presence in more than 22 countries.

The full color gloss stickers measure 6.5cm x 4.5cm. They were issued singularly in an almost see-through white packet as a free promotional give-away, with food products produced by Panrico.

At least 4 stickers featuring the Phantom or characters in the Phantom storyline where produced. Below we see 2 stickers featuring the Phantom, plus one each of Diana and Rex.

The rear of the stickers are void of information or branding, as the backing of the sticker is designed to be removed and discarded, with the sticker to be placed on a designated surface by the owner. A sample can be seen below.