Panini Promotional Sticker Set

The Panini Promotional Sticker Set was produced by Edizioni Panini S.A.P – Modena in Italy in 1988. 91 unnumbered stickers were produced in the set, measuring 6.8cm x 10.8cm for Alpine Products U.K. titled, ‘It’s a PANINI Collection’.

Alpine Products U.K. was a paper and cardboard manufacturer established in 1986 and was based in Southwark, London, UK. The private company no longer exists today.

Of the 91 Panini Promotional Stickers found in the set, 87 were produced by Panini in Italy on Reflex self adhesive sticker paper, whilst the other 4 stickers were produced by Alpine Products U.K. in the UK on Kleen-Part self adhesive sticker paper.

87 of the Panini Promotional Stickers depicted sticker album covers produced by Panini, with a wide variety of subjects used including movies, TV cartoons, soccer, dinosaurs, Coca-Cola, animals, French history, Disney characters and many more.

The 4 Panini Promotional Stickers produced by Alpine Products U.K. contain advertisements for products and services they offered to the general public.

The back of the 87 Panini Promotional Stickers produced in Italy contain a large letter from the alphabet, plus an illustration from either ‘Plodding’ or ‘101 uses of a Police Helmet’ cartoons by John Witt (published with the permission of the Police Review Publishing Co). 40 varying illustrations are features, some appearing twice in the set of stickers. Those not featuring a letter and a illustration contain a Alpine Products U.K. advertisement or promotional offer. An example of a stick back can be seen below.

The Phantom is found in the series, as Edizioni Panini S.A.P – Modena produced a Defenders of the Earth sticker series and album. The sticker contains color on the front only, measuring 6.8cm x 10.8cm. The Promotional Sticker featuring the Phantom produced for Alpine Products U.K can be seen below.

The Defenders of the Earth sticker album featured on the front of the Promotional Sticker can be seen below, which was produced in Venezuela in 1986.