Original Superheroes NECA Figure

The Original Superhero Phantom figure is produced by NECA in the USA in January, 2022.

National Entertainment Collectibles Association, which is commonly abbreviated to NECA, was founded in New Jersey 1996. In 2002 NECA formed a separate division called ‘NECA’s Reel Toys’ to produce toy and action figure lines generally based from films, television, video-games, sports and music. Today, NECA has licensees for over 60 character figure and toys.

The release of the Original Superhero Phantom figure by NECA coincide with the 85th Anniversary of the Phantom comic strip originally first published in newspapers in 1936. The other 2 figures released at the same time as the Phantom are Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless.

The Phantom figure is 7″ tall and comes with an array of accessories, including:

  • Interchangeable Hands
  • Interchangeable Skull
  • A Pair of Guns
  • Detachable Gun Blaster Effects
  • A Whip