O Fantasma Album Para Colorir

O Fantasma Album Para Colorir (which translates to ‘The Phantom Coloring Book’) was published by RGE (Rio Grafica Editora) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August, 1968. The coloring book was aimed at young children, which required them to color-in black and white images of scenes containing the Phantom.

RGE advertised O Fantasma Album Para Colorir in a variety of it’s publications. Below we see an advertisement appearing in Fantasma comic book number 148, published in January 1969. The advertisement is found on the inside back cover, with a Popeye coloring book also featured, printed in Black and White.

The text found in the advertisement, translated to English reads:

Coloring albums with drawings of the kids’ favorite heroes.

A story in each book. You read the story and then just color. With the colors you want. Don’t you think the albums will be cool?

For sale at 15 Bookstores. Requests for postal reimbursement to Livraria Civilização Brasileira S.A., Rua 7 de Setembro, 97-Rio de Janeiro, GB – ZC-21 – Agência Siciliano de Livros, Jornais e Revistas Ltda., Caixa Postal 30.059 – Sao Paulo, SP. Postal 30.059-550 Paulo, SP


Are from the albums forward!
Copy price: NCr $1.50

A color version of the advertisement was also published. Below we see Recruit Zero comic book edition number 67, published in December 1968.

A close-up image of the O Fantasma Album Para Colorir as seen in the advertisement above can be seen below.

O Fantasma Album Para Colorir contains the same image on both the front and back covers, printed in a vibrant yellow color, with the Phantom illustrated in his red costume riding Hero. We see the wording ‘Colecao Herois No.1’ printed in the bottom right, which translates to ‘Heroes Collection No. 1’. The publishers logo, RGE, can also be seen on both front and back covers.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.