Novelty Bank Note

The Phantom Novelty Bank Note is a collectible created to replicate a real $1 USA Bank Note in 2010s. The Novelty Bank Note is not authorized by King Features Syndicate, generally found for purchase online and is not legal tender.

The Phantom Novelty Bank Note is double sided, measures the same size as a $1 USA legal tender Bank Note, 6.7cm x 15.5cm and is printed in full color. The thickness of the paper it’s printed on also replicates the feel of a genuine Bank Note.

On the front of the Novelty Bank Note, we see that the notes is valued at 1 Million Dollars, all notes are numbered T19361999P indicating the year of the Phantoms creation (1936), issued in The United States Of America. We also see Lee Falks signature and a brief bio, ‘The Phantom is an American adventure comic strip created by Lee Falk. It’s creation sparked inspiration for all modern Comic Book Heroes’. A year of 1999 is also printed in the lower right.

On the reverse side, we see the wording ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ below 3 illustrations of the Phantom. Patterns and design work surround the boarder of the note on both sides, as seen on legal tender Bank Notes.

A variety of comic book characters feature on Novelty Bank Notes, generally those licensed to Marvel or DC, with a similar design followed as seen on the Phantom Novelty Bank Note. A very small sample can be seen below featuring Batman, Spider Man and Superman.