Millennium Stamp Sheet

The Millennium Stamp was issued by Swiss Post in Switzerland on the 23rd of November, 1999. Switzerland’s old Latin name of Helvetia is printed on the legal tender stamp, celebrating the upcoming millennium year of 2000, with an image of the world encircled by the number 2000.

The Millennium Stamp was also released to commemorate the upcoming World Clean Energy Conference, held in Geneva, Switzerland from the 24th thru till the 28th of January, 2000.

The conference involved governments, United Nations agencies, industry, academia, non-governmental organizations and financial institutions. The central theme of the meeting was the protection of health, the biosphere and the climate through the use of clean energy. The five plenary sessions defined ways to implement the principles of the Global Energy Charter.

During the conference, various forums met to discuss Renewable Energy Technologies, Depletion Scenarios of Finite Energy Resources and Financing of the Clean Sustainable Energy Age, among other topics.

A commemorative Millennium Stamp Sheet was issued by Swiss Post, measuring 21cm x 12.5cm. 8 legal tender stamps are found on the sheet, alongside 8 novelty stamps, in full color. The stamps are perforated on all sides for easy separation, with glue found on the reverse, ready to moisten and attach to an envelope as required.

The Phantom is found on 4 of the novelty stamps, alongside 3 other King Feature Syndicate comic book characters, Popeye, Blondie and Flash Gordon. A close-up of the novelty stamp can be seen below.

The Phantom image found on the Millennium Stamp Sheet is the same as the one seen on the Classic Comic Card Collection Phone Card, released in Germany in 1993