Lolly Jar

The Phantom Lolly Jar was produced by Audus Noble Blyth U.K. in the United Kingdom in 1996. Produced for Target retail stores in Australia, the Phantom Lolly Jar was part of a set of 2 Lolly Jars, with the second jar featuring Paddington Bear.

The Lolly Jar’s were sold in Target retail stores, which were first filled up by the shopper with candy from a buffet style selection, allowing to tailor make the contents of the jar. Below we see an advertisement for the set of 2 Lolly Jars.

The top section of the Lolly Jar containing a miniature bust of the Phantom can be screwed off the lower clear section, serving as a lid. The upper section containing the Phantom is made of a soft plastic which is hollow, with the bottom section of the jar also made of plastic, which is see-through, allowing for the contents to be seen without the need to remove the lid.

The Phantom Lolly Jar is fully licensed by King Features Syndicate and was available exclusively in Target retail stores in Australia for a very limited period of time.