Le Fantome/L’Uomo Mascherato Key Ring

The Le Fantome/L’Uomo Mascherato key ring was produced by Editions Des Remparts in France in 1966. We see the Phantom’s portrait on one side and the Phantom’s Good Mark on the opposite side.

The key ring was a free give-away item when 15 tokens are sent into the publisher. The tokens were found on select Le Fantome and L’Uomo Mascherato comics.

The tokens appear on 18 editions of Le Fantome comics published by Editions Des Remparts in France. The tokens appear on the back covers of edition numbers 93 to 111, out of the 482 comics published in this series between 1963 thru to 1980.

In Italy, the same key ring give-away was offered by Fratelli Spada in their L’Uomo Mascherato comic book series. A token was also published on the back cover of the comic, with edition number 172 to 185 carrying the token in the Super Albo series.

Some Mandrake The Magician, Flash Gordon and Prince Valiant comics were also published with a token, also published by Editions Des Remparts in France.

We see a ‘3’ token on the back cover of Fratelli Spada’s L’Uomo Mascherato I Classici Dell’Avventura, commencing with comic number 118 thru to 132.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.