Le Fantome Du Bengale Movie Card

The Le Fantome Du Bengale movie card was produced by Monsieur Cinéma in France in 1996. The oversized index style movie card features the Phantom movie released in 1996 featuring Billy Zane playing the part of the Phantom and Kristy Swanson as Diana Palmer. The movie card is not licensed by King Features Syndicate.

Monsieur Cinéma (translating to Mr. Cinema) was launched by Marc Combier in collaboration with Pierre Tchernia and Jacques Rouland in France, commencing in 1976. They produced movie cards which are sold via a subscription service, which feature a movie per card, releasing a pack of movie cards per month in lots of up to 36 cards.

The subscription service was originally advertised in magazines with a coupon found in the advertisement to return to Monsieur Cinéma, however subscription is now available via their website.

On the front side of each card are images from the movie featured, with the reverse detailing a biography of the movie, including production information, actors found in the movie, the movies storyline and historical background information.

Monsieur Cinéma still produce the index style movie cards to this day via subscription, with the format remaining constant.

The Le Fantome Du Bengale movie card is part of a pack of 26 movie cards which come in a clear shrink-wrapped plastic. The movie cards are printed in color with a gloss finish on 225g paper, measuring 13cm x 20.5cm in size and contain rounded corners. Text throughout the card is in French. Below is the pack the Le Fantome Du Bengale movie card is found in.

On the back of the Le Fantome Du Bengale movie card is printed the pack number it’s found in, number 301 plus the card number within that pack, number 16. Below we see the front and back of the Le Fantome Du Bengale movie card.

The other movie cards found in pack number 301 are Portrait Of A Woman, The Aggression, The Aristocrates, Goodbye Forever, The Band Of Four, Belle Etoile, Bernie, The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame, The Disappeared City, The Color That Kills, Shot In The Morning, Kiss Her For Me, And Came The Day Of Revenge, Extravagance, Fallait Pas!, The Fires Of Summer, The Daughter Of The Janitor, For Ever Mozart, Jude, Love Etc., Madame Satan, Even The Assassins Tremble, The Seven Deadly Sins, Surviving Picasso and The Death Train.