Koala Posters

The Phantom Posters were produced by Koala Posters in Australia in 1990 and 1995.

Koala Posters had planned to release a series of 4 Phantom Artist Posters, unfortunately there were only 2 Posters released in this series before the project was discontinued. The 1st poster in this series was illustrated by Keith Chatto in 1990, with the 2nd poster released in 1995, illustrated by Glenn Ford.

#1 By Keith Chatto – 1990

Ronald Keith Chatto (1924 – 22 October 1992) was an Australian comic book artist and writer. He was the first Australian illustrator to draw a full-length Phantom comic. He continued illustrating for several Australian Frew Publications Phantom comic book covers and wrote several issues.

#2 By Glenn Ford – 1995

Glenn Ford has been very active with the Australian Frew Publication Phantom comic book series, illustrating several of its covers. Glenn has also completed several other Phantom non comic related projects, providing graphic design, illustration direction and original illustrations for Intrepid International’s 3 Phantom collector card series. Glenn has designed t-shirts, ties, posters, calendars, mouse pads and a host of other Phantom merchandise.

Later that same year, Glenn Ford’s poster image was used on trading card number 47 released by Comic Images.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.