Kasual Friday Figure

The Phantom Comic Book Superstars Figure was produced by Kasual Friday in the USA in 2014. The Figure is made of hard rubber with no movable parts, with 2 varying colors released, purple and red, licensed by King Features Syndicate.

The figure measures 8.5cm tall and comes housed in a clear molded plastic holder, glued to a backing card measuring 10.16cm in height and 15.24cm wide. We see the series name the Phantom Figure is in ‘Comic Book Superstars’ on the front of the card. The card illustrations remain the same for both color versions released.

The front and rear of the purple figure can be seen below. ‘Made in China’ wording in found on the base of the Phantoms right boot.

The rear of the card is the same on both versions.

At time of advertising the Phantom Comic Book Superstars Figure, Kasual Friday described the figure as:

Super-stylized superstars! The Kasual Friday Big Screen Superstars series brings the on-screen favorites from the past into 3 1/4-inch tall mini figures that pack quite a punch! The Movie Superstars series brings characters from big screen and comic book universes together. Wave 1 launches with some serious all-time greats: Robocop, The Phantom, and Army of Darkness Ash! Each highly detailed, 3 1/4-scale mini-figure features a cool stylized look, an iconic pose and an eye-popping collectible package.