Jan Håfström Phantom Screen Print

The Phantom Screen Print on canvas was produced by IKEA in Europe in September, 2006. Titled ‘At The Beach’, the screen print on canvas was illustrated by Swedish artist Jan Håfström and measures 170cm x 200cm.

Released and sold in one IKEA store in Sweden, the screen print forms part of the ‘Art Event’ series, with Jan Håfström’s art titled ‘Premiär’ when sold in IKEA. We see only one screen print with a Phantom connection produced for the series.

Other artists featured in the series include Ernst Billgren and Maya Eizin Öijer.

Only 240 prints were created in total in the series, selling-out within 15 minutes.

The screen prints released in the series are based on original works of art, with the original ‘At The Beach’ painting produced by Jan Håfström in 2001 appearing in the series. Jan Håfström is well known in the Swedish art world, primarily as a painter, illustrator and sculptor. One of Jan Håfström’s most characteristic figures is his depiction of the Phantom’s alias, Mr. Walker.

We see Jan Håfström’s signature on the Phantom screen print.

The Phantom Screen Print was sold folded in a cardboard box measuring 209cm x 15cm x 8cm, with an image of the art found within, on the outside of the box.