Isle of Eden Playset

The Fantasma Isle of Eden Playset was produced by RGE in Brazil in 1980. The Fantasma Especial No.3 book style playset measures 14” x 10.5” and consists of 10 heavy stock carboard pages.

The Isle of Eden Playset was NOT a comic book supplement, but sold individually and in very limited quantities at Brazil newsstands.

RGE (Rio Gráfica E Editora) was located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a subsidiary of Grupo Globo. The publishing house was founded by Roberto Marinho in 1952 which ceased operations in 1986. For over 35 years, RGE published a multitude of comic books, magazines and collectible pop culture related collectibles.

Below we see the front and back covers of the Isle of Eden Playset book. On the back cover, we see an advertisement for a mail-away ‘life-size’ (1.7 meter) Phantom cardboard standee, with poseable limbs.

Page 1 & 10: Inside front and back cover is a 21 comic panel story of the Isle of Eden.

Page 2: 6 cardboard ‘punch-out’ Phantom and family figures, with complete 3 individual figures with two sides.

Page 3 & 4: 8 cardboard ‘punch-out’ animal figures, which complete 4 individual figures with two sides and 12 cardboard ‘punch-out’ diorama plant figures, which complete 6 individual figures with two sides.

Page 5 & 6: Isle of Eden 2 piece cardboard diorama base and backdrop measuring 21” x 14”. The diorama base is designed to house the 15 assembled die-cut ‘punch-out’ figures.

Page 7 & 8: 4 cardboard ‘punch-out’ diorama mammal figures, which complete 2 individual figures with two sides and 2 diorama base sides and life-size cardboard ‘punch-out’ Phantom face mask measuring 10.5” x 7”.

Page 9: Cardboard board game titled ‘The Phantom Cave’.

From the archives of RGE, below we see the ORIGINAL cover art acetate transparency (this acetate transparency is NOT a reproduction but the genuine piece) that originated from the RGE Publishing House, Brazil.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.