Heroes of the Comics Ingot

The Heroes of the Comics ingot range was minted by The Mount Everest Mint based in Pennsylvania, USA in 1974. 6 different comic book characters were produced in the range, including Flash Gordon, Superman, the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Batman and Robin and Wonder Woman.

The Mount Everest Mint, located at 141 Terwood Road, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA was founded in 1973 by Howard E. Katz, David B. Tolins and Burton Wigod. The company was a private mint with its own sculpting, engraving, die making and coining facilities.

The Heroes of the Comics ingots were struck in two different versions, a limited edition in one troy ounce .999 fine silver presented on a blue card and a limited edition in solid bronze presented on a green card.

Each ingot is individually numbered on the top edge of the bars with 6 digits (starting with 000001).

The reverse side of the bars have the characters respective licensee holder, King Features Syndicate, Inc for Flash Gordon, the Phantom and Mandrake the Magician. National Periodical Publications, Inc for Superman, Batman and Robin and Wonder Woman.

The Heroes of the Comics ingots could be collected in a special display case produced by the Mount Everest Mint, with the wording on the inside case lid altering slightly based on the ingot metal, silver or bronze.

A color version of the Heroes of the Comics ingots were produced, with the base metal being silver.