GULP! MI79 Stamp Sheet

The GULP! MI79 stamp sheet was released by Gruppo Filatelico Cariplo (which translates to Cariplo Philatelic Group) in Milan, Italy in 1979. The one sided stamp sheet is titled, ‘Review Of The Cartoon, Of The Figurines And Animation Cinema’ and is licensed by both King Features Syndicate and the local Phantom publishing rights company, Opera Mundi.

The GULP! MI79 stamp sheet was released in conjunction with an exhibition being held in Milan, between the 22nd thru till the 30th of September, 1979. The stamps are novelty stamps and not able to be used through the Italian postal system. The stamp sheet did however follow the same format of a government issued stamp sheet, with perforated holes around each stamp image and glue on the rear of the sheet.

Measuring 18.5cm x 28.3cm, the stamp sheet features various comic strip characters, with 2 stamps dedicated to each character, depicting the same image. The characters including Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon, Felix the Cat, Prince Valliant, Secret Agent X-9, Blondie, Popeye, Ciccibum and Jiggs.

The Phantom is also featured on 2 of the stamps, numbered 366 with the Italian title of the Phantom printed on the stamp, L’Uomo Mascherato. The stamp measures 4cm x 4cm.