Grandes Personajes del Comic

The Grandes Personajes del Comic (which translates to ‘Great Comic Characters’) cards were created by Laboratorio FIDES in Spain in 1974. The series contains 7 cards which were used to promote products produced by Laboratorio FIDES, including Fidesbiotic, Fidestonic and PrecOpen.

The Grandes Personajes del Comic cards are licensed by King Features Syndicate. The comic book characters featured in the series are Popeye, Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant and Secret Agent X-9.

The Phantom was featured on card number 5 under the tile of ‘El Hombre Enmascarado’, as he’s known in Spain. The 2 sided black and white card measures 24cm x 17cm with some information on the publishing history of the Phantom found on the reverse side.

The front and back of the card can be seen below promoting Fidesbiotic.