Gran Festival TV

Gran Festival TV Card Album was published by Editorial Navarrete S.R.L. in Peru in 1989. Featuring Syndicated cartoon TV show characters, the Gran Festival TV card album contains 25 pages, with a full set of paper trading cards consisting of 200 cards, which are glued into the album. The album measures 11” x 8.25” and the cards are unnumbered.

Editorial Navarrete S.R.L. was first established on the 12th of August, 1976. Initially a very small printing company with its main office at Av. Carretera Central 759, Km 2, Santa Anita Lima, Peru. During the 1980’s as the company began to expand, they published a multitude of sticker/trading card albums. The album topics focused on history, education, religion as well as TV and comic related subjects. Today, under new management, the company has flourished and now with two locations offers a very wide range of paper products and school supplies.

The Gran Festival TV card album’s front and back covers are shown below. The Phantom is featured on both covers due to his appearance in the Defenders of the Earth cartoon series.

Full pages are dedicated to cartoon TV shows, including, Marvel Superheroes, Star Wars Droids, He-Man, Little Lulu, Smurfs, Inspector Gadget, Mazinger-Z, Ewoks and more. The Phantom is found on the Defenders of the Earth page.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.