Good Mark Medallion

The Phantom Good Mark Medallion was produced by Bulls in Sweden in 1980. The Medallion and chain are both made from metal with a highly polished ‘Gold’ finish and licensed by King Features Syndicate.

We first see the medallion in Fantomen number 10, published in 1980.

The Medallion is a free give-away by the publisher (Semic) of Fantomen, with 1000 available to be won. The readers had to simply return the coupon found in the comic book. The Medallion was accompanied by a ‘Secret Serial Album’ if you were a lucky winner.

The give-away is titled as a ‘Jubilee Lottery 3’ by Semic. See below advertisement translated from Swedish to English.

The medallion was later available for purchase from Bulls.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.