Glasslite Figure

The Fantasma Figure was produced by Glasslite S.A. Indústria de Plásticos in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1997. The figure measures 15cm in height and 7cm wide, with 2 varying colors released, purple and red, licensed by King Features Syndicate. The arms on the figure are the only sections which are movable, from the shoulder.

Glasslite S.A. Indústria de Plásticos, or simply Glasslite, was established in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1966 as a manufacturer of toys, including figures and board games. It was one of the largest producer and distributor of licensed toys in Brazil at the time, focusing on toys themed around American TV Shows and movies.

Some of the toys produced by Glasslite include toys featuring ThunderCats, Star Wars, Voltron, The A-Team, Rambo, Knight Rider and MacGyver. Other locally created characters were produced by Glasslite targeting the Brazilian toy market.

Glasslite ceased operating in 2001.

The figure comes housed in a clear molded plastic holder, glued to a backing card with a punch hole at the top. The title at the top of the card reads ‘Fantasma – O Espirito que anda’, which translates to ‘Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks’. The card illustration remains the same for both color versions released.

The rear of the card is the same on both versions, with the text reading:

‘He has been a symbol of justice for centuries, but he is as mortal as any human being. Despite being descended from the legend that has lasted for 20 generations, his identity remains secret. In the jungle, where he lives with his wolf Devil and his pygmy friends, he is known as the Ghost Who Walks, the Guardian of Shadows, or simply The Phantom’.