Genti D’Ogni Paese

Genti D’Ogni Paese (which translates to ‘People of Every Country’) is a supplement issued with the Avventure Americane comic series, published by Fratelli Spada in Italy. 96 editions were published in the 4th comic series of Avventure Americane featuring the Phantom, published from 1972 thru till 1980.

Phantom comic number 45 published on the 15th of April, 1973 announces on the cover, ‘In Regalo – L’Album Per La Raccolta Di Figurine – Genti D’Ogni Paese’, translating to ‘As A Gift – The Collection Album Of Figurine – People of Every Country’.

Within the centerfold of the comic, Genti D’Ogni Paese is found. It measures 19cm x 26.1cm with black and white pages. The front and back cover of the supplement can be seen below, with illustrations by Benito Jacovitti found not only on the covers, but also throughout the album.

A variety of Fratelli Spada published comic books contain a cut-off image in the lower left of the outside front cover, designed to be glued into the album. The comic book series which contain the cut-off images are:

  • The Phantom – commencing with edition number 41
  • Mandrake the Magician – commencing with edition number 41
  • Turok – commencing with edition number 10
  • Star Trek – commencing with edition number 10
  • Daniel Boone – commencing with edition number 10
  • Magnus – commencing with edition number 10
  • Land of Giants – commencing with edition number 1

The cut-off images are found on 30 Phantom comic covers from number 41 published in February 1973, thru to number 70 published in December 1974. The images feature illustrated pictures of men from a variety of different counties dressed in their local traditional clothing, with some holding flags or items from their countries. A small sample of these Phantom covers can be seen below.

A sample of Genti D’Ogni Paese’s internal pages can be seen below, with a designated section noted by Fratelli Spada for the cut-off image from the correct comic book cover image to be glued into the Album. A complete Album is made up of 100 cut-off image.

Once the Album is complete, it was to be posted to Fratelli Spada at an address in Rome, Italy found within the Album, with the last cut-off image published on the cover of Mandrake the Magician edition number 74 in 1975. At the back of the Album, the owners name and address is to be completed. Fratelli Spada would then return the Album with a prize in the form of a publication by Fratelli Spada to the value of 2,000 Lira.

Genti D’Ogni Paese was also offered as a supplement in Phantom comic number 431 published in France in 1973. Published in the Avventure Americane series, we see the Album being promoted on the cover, translated to French under the title of ‘Gens De Tous Pays’.