Galeria Dos Personagens Das Histórias Em Quadrinhos

Galeria Dos Personagens Das Histórias Em Quadrinhos (which translates to Comic Book Characters Gallery) is a trading card series released by Editora Vecchi SA in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 1967. The set is made up of 210 cards, with the trading cards not containing a number or a name of the image featured. The set contains a variety of King Features Syndicate comics book characters, including Mandrake the Magician, Popeye, Flash Gordon, Brick Bradford and more.

A 36 page album was produced to display the 210 trading cards, which were glued in a designated spot within the album by the owner. The Phantom is found on the front covers of the album as can be seen below, amongst a variety of other characters.

The Galeria Dos Personagens Das Histórias Em Quadrinhos trading card were sold in paper packets, containing randomly placed cards per pack. An example of the front of the packet can be seen below.

The Phantom was featured across 2 pages within the album, pages 12 and 13 under the title of ‘Fantasma’. The cards featuring the Phantom or characters from the Phantom storyline range from numbers 60 thru to 72. Below we see these page which contain the Phantom trading cards.