Fratelli Spada Phantom Stickers

The Phantom stickers were produced by Fratelli Spada in Italy and France in 1977 and 1982. The stickers are found in select comic books as free give-way inclusions across a number of comic books featuring the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Flash Gordon. The stickers are found on a sheet inside the front cover, before the commencement of the first page, glued into the binding.

The randomly placed stickers feature 3 different characters, the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician and Flash Gordon, with 2 stickers found within the comic book. 2 different designs are seen for each comic character, a total of 6 different stickers. As the comic’s were published in both Italy and France, text is seen in local languages on the stickers.

The 2 Phantom sticker designs produced for the free give-way promotion can be seen below, with the stickers round in shape once removed from the backing sheet.

On the Italian sticker, we see the words ‘Leggendatio! Insuperabile! – L’Uomo Mascherato’, which translates to ‘Legendary! Unsurpassed! – The Phantom’. On the French sticker, we see the words ‘Legendaire! Imbattable! – Le Fantome’, which translates to ‘Legendary! Unbeatable! – The Phantom’.

Following are the comic books which the Fratelli Spada stickers are found.

Flash Gordon #3 – Italy 1977

Flash Gordon #4 – Italy 1977

Mandrake the Magician #5 – Italy 1977

The Phantom #5 – Italy 1977

Mandrake the Magician #8 – France 1977

The Phantom #3 – Italy 1982

Mandrake the Magician #4 – Italy 1982