Flashy Flicker Cards

The Phantom Flashy Flicker Cards were produced by Kolkata Komics Publishers in Bengali, India in 2021. A Flashy Flicker Card set is made up of 4 mini cards, which were issued as a free promotional give-away item by Kolkata Comics Publishers, an online retailer of comic books and other collectibles.

The two sided Phantom Flashy Flicker Cards are produced in full color measuring 2.25” x 1.5”. The front of the cards are made of thin plastic with a cardboard backing, which when angled in different positions, show an image which appears to be moving.

Each of the 4 cards contains a card number on the front, 1 thru to 4, plus a ‘K’ on two of the corners, representing ‘Kolkata Komics Publishers’. The Phantom Flashy Flicker Cards have the look of a playing card. All 4 cards in the set can be seen below.

The back of each card contains the same image, with Kolkata Komics Publishers logo present. It’s also noted that the Phantom Flashy Flicker Cards are ‘Issued Free With Phantom Comics’.