Figuritas Comicas

Figuritas Comicas (which translates to Comic Figurines) is a trading card series released by Josè Clemens in Argentina in 1969. The set is made up of 228 cards, which are round and not rectangular in shape as we know trading card today. Each trading card is numbered and contains the name of the comic book character featured.

An album was produced to display the 228 trading cards, which were glued in a designated spot within the album by the owner. The front and back covers of the album can be seen below.

The Figuritas Comicas trading cards were sold in paper packets, containing 4 randomly placed cards per pack. An example of the front and back of the packet can be seen below.

The Phantom was featured in the series under the title of ‘El Fantasma’ on trading card number 13. Below we see the page where the Phantom trading card is to be placed, page 11, with the page titled ‘Personajes De Dibujos Animados E Historietas’, which translates to ‘Characters of Cartoons And Comics’. This card is the only card to feature the Phantom in the series, measuring 1.5” in diameter.

A large number of comic book characters are featured in the series, from a variety of character license owners including King Features Syndicate and Walt Disney. Characters in the series include Felix The Cat, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, Prince Valiant, Blondie, Steve Canyon, The Pink Panther, The Jetsons Characters, The Flintstones Characters, Popeye, Yogi Bear, Daffy Duck, Jonny Quest and many more.