Figurinhas Super Pernalonga Dos Patotas

The Figurinhas Super Pernalonga Dos Patotas Trading Card Album was produced by Editora Pedro Trota, Ltda and Editora Globo in São Paulo, SP, Brazil in 1975. The album features various comic book characters, with Warner Bros. characters featured on the front and back cover, as seen below.

Figurinhas Super Pernalonga Dos Patotas albums and trading cards were sold in select newsagents/newsstands. The album consists of 28 pages with 336 cards to collect. The general theme of this 7” x 5.25” collector card album was Bugs Bunny, along with fellow comic friends.

The contents of the album are small paper trading cards which each measure 1.75” x 1.5”. Each paper trading card was numbered with its subject title and would be glued to the corresponding square within the album. The card subjects ranged from animals to DC and Marvel Superheroes as well as King Features and Hanna Barberra characters.

The Phantom is featured on page 3, as trading card number 25.

A sample of other pages found within Figurinhas Super Pernalonga Dos Patotas can be seen below.

A second trading card album was released in 1985 by ‘Dicorel’ Representacoes, Comerciais, LTDA. Containing 384 paper trading cards to collect, the album is titled Colecao Super Pernalonga Dos Patotas (as seen below with a blue boarder), with the same cover art as seen on the 1975 album (as seen above). The re-issue version did not contain a Phantom paper trading card, nor the same cards as the original publication from 1975.

The primitive Phantom illustration of the 1975 Figurinhas Super Pernalonga Dos Patotas paper trading card can be compared to that which appeared in the Panterinha De Ouro series which was issued in 1976, also in Brazil. The art has evolved dramatically in the 1976 edition.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.