Figurinhas Super Heróis 77

Figurinhas Super Heróis 77 (which translates to Figures Super Heroes 77) is a trading card series produced by Monte Magno in Brazil in 1977. The set is made up of 272 cards, with each trading card containing a number and the name of the image featured. The set contains a large number of comic book characters.

A 20 page album was produced to display the 272 trading cards, which were glued in a designated spot within the album by the owner. The front and back covers of the album can be seen below.

The Figurinhas Super Heróis 77 trading cards were sold in paper packets, containing randomly placed cards per pack. An example of the front of the packet can be seen below.

The Phantom was featured in the series under the title of ‘Fantasma’ on 3 trading cards, numbers 55, 100 and 105. Below we see these 3 cards plus the pages where the Phantom trading cards are to be placed on page 5 and page 8.