Figurine SuperGULP! Fumetti In TV Sticker Album

Figurine SuperGULP! Fumetti In TV Sticker Album is produced by Edizioni Flash S.p.A in Milano, Italy in 1978. The Sticker Album contains a mix of 6 comic book characters, including the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Rip Kirby, Flash Gordon, Cion & Franco and Popeye.

SuperGulp! or Comics on TV, was a 1970’s Italian television program dedicated to the world of comics, not really presenting cartoons on TV, but static images of comics both Italian and American, taken and transmitted on the small screen in succession, as if you were reading a comic, keeping the text with the sentences of the characters who were read by voice actors.

The softcover Sticker Album contains 12 full color pages measuring 19cm x 28cm with a complete album made up of 240 stickers. The front and back cover of the Sticker Album can be seen below.

4 pages are dedicated to the Phantom, with 7 action scenes partially printed which require stickers to complete the scene, with each section individually numbered to ensure the correct sticker is placed within the scene.

The SuperGULP! Fumetti In TV Sticker Albums and Sticker Packs were sold at newspaper stands throughout Italy. Below we see an example of a pack the stickers were sold in.

The SuperGULP! Fumetti In TV stickers are 2 sided, with the sticker found on the front, and the sticker number located on the back. The stickers contain glue once peeled off the backing, ready to be placed in the allocated section within the Sticker Album. The front and back of sticker number 81 can be seen below.

Unused Phantom stickers can be seen below, noting that only a section of the sticker is to be peeled off, which fits into the designated section within one of the 7 Phantom action scenes.