Fantomets Jungelspill

Fantomets Jungelspill (which translates to The Phantom’s Jungle Game) was released by Nordisk Forlag in Norway in 1975. Located within Fantomet comic book number 26, stapled in the centerfold, the two page game was a free inclusion.

Fantomet edition number 26 containing Fantomets Jungelspill within can be seen below. The front cover of the comic notifies that the free inclusion is found within. We see the words ‘MidtsideneL Fantomets store JUNGELSPILL Ekstra bilag!’, which translates to ‘Middle pages The Phantom’s big JUNGLE GAME Extra Supplement’.

Fantomets Jungelspill is designed to be removed from the comics centerfold and laid out flat to be used similar to a boardgame. It measures 34cm x 26cm and is printed in color with a gloss finish, designed for 2 to 4 players.

The illustrated Fantomets Jungelspill displays characters and scenes found in Phantom comic strip storylines. The game is a step-by-step adventure, with the aim being to return to the Skull Cave by moving markers across the board on the designated numbered tiles, 54 in total. Based on the number spun on a dice, is the amount of moves a player makes.